Primary Colors: A Basic Guide to Color and Design

Primary Colors: A Basic Guide to Color and Design

Remember those lessons you had in art class as a kid about your primary and secondary colors? They actually can be quite helpful when it comes to color and design for custom logos and apparel!

LifeHacker says that knowing your colors can help you know what looks good, and it doesn’t come instinctually for many people. According to GraphicStock, the human eye is capable of seeing more than 10 million color variations. That’s why it’s important to know your color wheel, for amateur and professional designers alike, especially when you’re creating embroidered merchandise.

Color WheelThe primary colors are the alternating shades of ROYGBV – red, blue and yellow. Combinations of these three unique hues are what create all other colors on the color wheel (and in the universe). Red plus yellow makes orange; blue plus yellow makes green; red plus blue makes purple – all of which are classed as secondary colors.

The basic concept at stake here is that every color is a mixture of primaries, and if you learn to interpret color in this sense, you’ll begin to have a better understanding of why certain colors complement each other while others just look wrong when you put them next to each other. This is what we call Color Harmony, says Color Matters. Harmony one part overall Color Theory, which helps describe the use of colors and what makes something is pleasing to the eye. When considering different color shades, choosing two colors that are in harmony with each other means they make a good pair. Harmony is the “dynamic equilibrium” between “extreme unity,” or too much of the same color, and “extreme complexity,” a muddled mix of many colors that don’t complement each other.

That’s not to say that experimentation with different color combinations is frowned upon in the design world, but these skills will keep you focused when it comes to creating clothing. The general rule of thumb is that opposites on the color wheel are appealing to each other: reds and blues, blues and yellows, pinks and greens. You should avoid too-similar combos like pink and red, orange and red, and pink and purple.

Here at Embroidery Loft, we work with a rainbow of colors every day and we can help you with picking the perfect shades for your project. Whether you’re not sure what colors to use in your new logo or how to contrast your design with fabric colors for your embroidered merch, give us a call. Our talented designers are standing by and ready to help you with your project. Learn more about our full range of embroidery services online now or call us at 585-388-3320 today to learn more.

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