Gear Up for Spring Activities

Gear Up for Spring Activities

Spring is nearly here – especially apparent in the late temperatures we’ve been seeing – so now’s the perfect time to start gearing up for some spring activities! Many people get together during the first few weeks of spring to give back to their communities. Whether that means cleaning up a highway with your bowling team, repainting the local elementary school’s playground area with your book club, or raising money for a marathon or mud-run with your church group, having custom T-shirts or hats for all participants is a great way to reward everyone with a memento of their contribution to the community.

Community CleanupIf you’re volunteering with your organization this season or organizing a race, having custom apparel not only helps your whole crew look united, but it also gives your group a way to get the word out about your team or organization. We offer custom embroidery and screen printing for jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, hats and even accessories like tote bags.

Our breathable apparel is available in many shapes and colors, too. We have options for men, women and kids that’ll be comfy, fitted and light – perfect for working outside in warm springtime temperatures.

If your organization already has a logo, we’ll work with you to make sure that it looks its best after it’s been screen printed or embroidered on your items. If your group is new, and hasn’t volunteered in the past, we can help you create a unique logo, perfect for spreading your message and catching the eye of passersby.

Order T-shirts as an incentive or a free gift for any members of your group or team who help join in on your volunteer project! People love to have a T-shirt or baseball cap to show off their participation in a community event. You could give each person who signs up their own T-shirt, or even use them as giveaways during your volunteer work.

At Embroidery Loft, we know that the best communities are those where people make sure to give back too, so schedule some spring volunteering with your group, and order a few custom T-shirts, hats or other apparel items today to get the group excited! Check out our full apparel catalog for ideas of what to order, and call us today at 585-388-3320 to learn more.

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