Embroidery Services

Fairport and Rochester Embroidery

Embroidery Loft offers embroidery services and screen printing services in Fairport and the greater Rochester area.

Embroidery Loft offers their clients an exceptional range of embroidering services. To ensure complete customer satisfaction, their team works closely with every client, including a sit-down session to discuss the scope of a project and understand the requirements and needs of your embroidery or screen printing job.

Competitive pricing and an emphasis on customer service makes Embroidery Loft a leader in embroidery services in Fairport, and with satisfied clients from across greater Rochester, you can rest assured that their professional team will ensure your project is done on time and on budget, meeting or exceeding your expectations.

The experts at Embroidery Loft take the time to explore the scope of the products being embroidered, discussing T-shirts, polo shirts and other customable products to ensure that each customer is satisfied with their project, whether it is large or small. They can also discuss any concerns about image size or colors, and work to find the best solution for your printing or embroidery needs.

If customers have an item in mind, they are welcome to bring it in. Embroidery Loft’s team of screen printing professionals in Rochester is happy to help determine whether screen printing or embroidery is suitable for your specific items, whether it’s pillow cases, duffle bags, scarves, bathrobes or any other item that you would like customized as a gift.

Teams, companies and individuals seeking embroidery services in Rochester have found that their embroidery and screen printing benefits from the careful attention they receive by working with Fairport’s Embroidery Loft. Explore the items available for sale online now or call Embroidery Loft at 585-388-3320 today to schedule a consultation.